Optimizing your website is a continuous process; it is a constant part of your business strategy. To ensure that your website is listed among the top search results, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs to be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Businesses which are not wide spread and are focused on a single geographical area, they need SEO focusing on the local keywords. These local keywords will help in driving the search rankings up, and drawing the target audience to your website. In order to supersede your local competitors, it is important to optimize your website with the local SEO strategy 2020.

What is Local SEO? What is difference between SEO and Local SEO?

Local SEO assists in promoting a business to local customers in a geographical area. Search engines gather information for local SEO by looking for indicators like local content, local links, local records and statistics for providing the most relevant local results to the viewer. Traditional SEO is focused on improving the website’s search engine ranking on a national or global scale. It helps in improving the visibility of the business on a global level. Both SEO and local SEO follow some of the common strategies for improving the website ranking and its visibility.

Why is Local SEO important?

Listed below are a few fascinating statistics which will show why is Local SEO so important for local businesses:
  • Almost 50% of the Google searches involve a local search.
  • Searches with “Near me” in keywords have increased 150% faster than the regular searches.
  • Around 75% people searching for something local, end up visiting the related store on that day itself.
The above statistics show that local searches make up for most of the SEO world. Therefore if you work on the local SEO strategy for your business, you will be increasing your visibility and you will be able to see a significant increase in the footfalls at your store or office.

Optimize for Google My Business

The most important local SEO strategy for 2020 involves optimizing your website for Google My Business. Google My Business can be called the bible for local SEO. We all know that Google is the most popular search engine, used by most people across the world. Google prefers to share and rank the content and websites which they can verify and are sure of. Google My Business is a tool from Google which helps the business to meet Google’s search engine ranking requirements. If Google is able to verify your business to be authentic, your website can be rewarded with the popular sidebar space in Google local search. You need to create and verify a Google My Business page and encourage your customers to write positive reviews for you and you should respond to these reviews thanking them and specifying the location.

Optimize your website content for local keywords

Using local keywords in your website content helps in gaining visibility and higher search engine ranking. However just adding local keywords does not help, you cannot overlook the quality of the content. Google prefers high quality, useful content on websites. Websites with good quality content are ranked higher as compared to websites which don’t. Add important local keywords to your web content and blogs, which customers are expected to use for searching your business. For example, if you are a lawyer in California, you can use local keywords like
  • California Lawyer
  • Family lawyer in California
  • Top California Attorney

Optimize the URL title tags and meta description

We have already seen how important it is to optimize the content of the website. When we talk about content, every new web page or blog post are like an indexed page of the website. Each page has the capability and opportunity to be found on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Each time a new web page or blog is written for the website, you need to also optimize the URL, title tag and Meta description with local keywords.

Inbound and External Links

The local SEO strategy for 2020 has increased its focus on Inbound or external links to your website. These inbound links can create a number of opportunities to boost your local SEO. Each inbound link proves to Google or any other search engine that you are a genuine company. Some of the best places to get inbound links are through guest blog posting, sponsorship or partnerships etc.

Internal Linking

External links routing to your website are very useful for SEO. At the same time working on the internal linking structure will help boost your search rankings. Internal linking means having links on your web pages, which when clicked will take the viewer to another page of your website. Internal linking is useful for easy website navigation. It helps viewers to find related content and web pages.

Add location pages and maps

If your business or store is located at more than one area, you should create location pages. The readers can find your business name, address, phone number, email address, working hours, testimonials and feedback from happy customers on each location page. Adding a Google map for the location, can boost your SEO rankings. You need to ensure that there is no duplication of content across the different location pages. For businesses having a single location, try to create a locally descriptive About Us page covering the required local information.

Build a responsive, mobile-friendly website

Local SEO search and mobile search work closely together. Statistics show that 90% of the local searches are conducted by users on their smart phones. Users use their smart phones to search for reviews, or directions to the business or contact details. If your website is mobile friendly, prospects and customers will find it easy to search for their required information or details.

Be active on social media

Today social media has become the best medium to reach out to your target audience. Shared content on social media is also considered important by Google to determine the search rankings. Once you have your own Google My Business page, you can share the page on various social media accounts, which can further help in local SEO.

What are local SEO services?

We have seen above important local SEO Strategy is for the growth of your business. However managing local SEO is not a simple task, it is overwhelming. You need the help of professional local SEO Company which can provide you the best local SEO services depending on your budget and requirements. Local SEO strategy help your business grow; they help increase your online visibility. They also help increase the web traffic, leads, and sales from local visitors. It helps you stand out from competition and get noticed by the viewers.

Local SEO Company to help optimize your Website

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