Did you think social media was all fun and games?

Not if you’re a business owner. No matter what your thoughts or experience with social media, we all know there are lots of eye balls scrolling social media platforms every day. Where there’s eye balls, there’s opportunity to market your business. The nice thing about marketing on social media is the data, unlike traditional media platforms or life support media as we call it (becuase they’re dying slow yet still profitable deaths) social media platforms know ages, gender, interests, locations, buying habits and more very helpful details that can be used to your advantage as a business owner.

There are roughly 280 Million Americans who use social media everyday. This means more businesses are gaining new customers through social media at an alarming rate. The issue? It’s extremely time consuming to run a business page on multiple social media platforms. Running a business is busy enough. Not many owners have the time to decide on relevant topics, curate content for those topics, create and post to multiple social media channels, and monitor the reach of that content. Our social media experts live for this. Ad Campaigns and Like Campaigns drive more and more users to your social media pages. Organic content on those pages build a loyal following that generates brand awareness and lead generation. This is what we do:

  • Build and Monitor Product / Services Ad Campaigns
  • Build and Monitor Like / Follower Campaigns
  • Curate and Post Business Relevant Content 5 Times per Week
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns (we mirror ads and organic content across multiple social media platforms to maximize reach)
  • Deliver Monthly Reports with impressions, reach, and engagement stats month over month.


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