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Are you delivering the best results you can for your clients? If you’re not putting them in front of the right audience, you’re not. Local companies don’t need to target the internet user across the globe—they need to connect with the potential customer down the street. SEO is part of the equation, but on its own, it’s not enough. You also need to localize your optimization with geoframing. Geoframing puts your client’s name in front of their own customers, at exactly the right moment, at exactly the right space. It drives in-store visits and connects your clients with their customer base in a way that SEO alone just can’t accomplish.

What is geoframing?

Geoframing is the ultimate tool for mobile marketing. Geoframes are virtual boundaries around physical locations that are established using GPS or RFID (radio frequency identification). These virtual barriers can then be set by a marketer to trigger a message or action, such as an alert to the customer or a record of the customer’s visit to that geoframed location. Geoframed locations can be set for nearly any size. It may make sense for some businesses to geoframe an entire city, while others may do better with very small, targeted areas, like a retail block. Your client and their goals for the campaign will guide that decision.

What are the benefits of geoframing?

Did you know that the number of mobile users in 2019 is forecasted to surpass 5 billion? Geoframing catches the attention of these consumers, and retargets them with relevant messaging right on their device across all major apps. Geoframing also allows your clients to remind their target audience to come into their location when they are nearby, and can even steer customers from the competition right to your client’s door. Some companies use geoframing to send customers a coupon when they enter the geoframed area, while others tell customers about a sale or other event happening at the moment that they are in their geoframed area. Sometimes, you may simply want to collect data via geoframing for your clients. By using geoframing, you can gather powerful information about the habits of consumers that can help you design more effective marketing campaigns. Geoframing provides a treasure trove of information about the offline habits of consumers to help with:
  • Audience segmentation
  • Online to offline attribution (O2O)
  • Retargeting
  • Message personalization
Geoframing works. One national restaurant brand saw their lunch and dinner visits increase by 25% in their geoframed locations.

What industries use geoframing?

There are no limits to the industries that can benefit from geoframing, and many of them are already using it. You will find geoframing at work in industries as diverse as:
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Dining
  • Travel
  • Mobile payments
How these industries use geoframing differs depending on their needs. For example, in the entertainment industry, Live Nation uses geoframing in the venues that they own in order to collect information about their attendees that helps them better curate their experiences. Mobile payment platforms use geoframing to alert users that the location that they are in accepts the app as a form of payment. How to use geoframing is where you come in. We help you design and refine your geoframing campaigns to drive consumers to your clients, making the most of their ad spend. This means growth for their business, and your agency. Geoframing works. One national restaurant brand saw their lunch and dinner visits increase by 25% in their geoframed locations.

How can I deliver geoframing to my clients?

We’re your secret weapon when it comes to delivering world-class results to your clients. With our network, you can provide geoframing services as part of your marketing campaign without actually having to adopt the technology or procedures in-house. Tell us about your clients and their needs, and talk to us about your goals for geoframing. We can help you set parameters, create custom audiences, and get the right people to your clients to increase sales. We can even design engaging creative and custom landing pages. All you have to do is show your clients the killer results of your campaign with our white label reporting, and bask in the glory of their success, and yours. Put geoframing to work for your agency by contacting us and asking about StealthGEO. We are a top rated digital marketing agency, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Talk to one of our geoframing experts in Tucson today by calling (520) 214-1694, or fill out the form below for a free strategy report.

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