WordPress plugins: Imagify vs Smush vs Shortpixel vs Optimole

Developing and maintaining a website effectively is one of the key elements of a successful business strategy. Optimizing a website helps in attracting traffic, engaging the viewers and converting them into sales. Optimizing a website includes optimizing the images to ensure they don’t drain the other resources and impact the loading time of the website. […]

Content management system advantages and disadvantages

Today every business wants to build their presence in the digital world. This has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of business websites and mobile applications. However, before developing a website, the big question is whether to use Content Management System (CMS) or not for the development purpose. A CMS platform is a […]

How to Protect a WordPress Site from Malware

WordPress is a popular blogging and CMS platform. It powers more than 70 million websites–from small blogging websites to global brand websites. However, as with other web-based applications, security is always an issue. Those wondering how to protect a WordPress site from malware have concerns that are not unfounded. With the number of web-based malicious […]