With the aftermath of Covid 19 Pandemic, today businesses have no option but create a strong online presence to sustain in the market. Building a website and creating good web design for business is the first step towards creating an online presence. A website is generally the first place of contact for any new customer or prospect.

With the cut throat competition in the market and with everyone moving towards the online model, you will have only 0.05 seconds to impress your visitor as your website loads. Over 90% of the visitors have stated that the initial look and feel of the web design helps them determine whether to trust a website and continue surfing it or not.

Therefore as a business owner it is important that you ensure the web design for your business is up to the mark and meets the customers’ expectations. A good web design is one which presents a clear and compelling message about your brand and what it represents.

Why is Web Design for Business important?

With the changing circumstances and business model, if you wish to build a strong online presence, you may need to start with building your own website. You may be wondering about the importance of web design for your business and how will it impact your target audience and your revenue.

Below mentioned are a few reasons why will help you understand the importance of web design for business.

  • BUILD A STRONG FIRST IMPRESSION:When a potential customer visits your website, the website is the face of the company and brand. It gives them the first impression about you and your business. In a matter of few seconds the visitors will judge your business. These first few seconds are crucial and it is very important that you are able to build a strong first impression on them.If you have a website which is appealing and up to date, you will be able to garner the visitor’s interest and encourage him to stay longer and browse further. If the web design is not appealing and interesting, they will leave the page without browsing further and you will miss out on leads. Web design is very important for your business as it determines how your target audience perceives your brand and business.The first impression which they make about your business will either turn them into your prospective lead or you will lose that lead forever. A good web design for business will help in keeping a hold on your leads and convert them into prospective customers.
  • AIDS YOUR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) STRATEGY: A good web design is not only about the working on the visual elements for appealing the viewers. The web design also has to work behind-the-scenes and ensure that it follows everything required for a good search engine optimization strategy.A number of web design elements determine how the content is published and displayed on your website. This in turn will affect how your website is indexed by the search engines. If the on page SEO fundamentals are not up to the mark while designing the website, it will be difficult to improve the visibility of your website.Other than the published content, there are other web design elements which have a direct impact on the SEO. It is very important that the coding is SEO-friendly. To ensure proper web design strategies are followed keeping in mind the visibility and SEO of the website, it is advisable to hire a professional web design agency that will ensure your website does wonders for your business growth.
  • BUILDS BRAND LOYALTY AND TRUST: As discussed above, most of the visitors judge the business’s credibility based on the web design. Websites which have a modern and professional design, make the users trust them easily. At the same time a poorly designed website raises suspicions and doubts in the minds of viewers, questioning the legitimacy of the website.A good web design also helps improve the trust level through brand consistency. If you have a well known business or brand, the viewers can recognize your logo, colours, fonts etc. Keeping in tune with your brand elements even while designing the website, helps build trust in their minds. The web design should be a reflection of your brand, which will help reassure the visitors that they have reached the correct place.

What are the important elements of a good web design for business?

  1. Simple Navigation: The navigation is one the most important elements of the website, therefore the design of the navigation is very crucial and important. Many professional web designers try to follow the Hick’s Law to understand the psychology behind the designing of the site navigation.The law states that the more choices is given to someone, the longer they will take to make a decision. In simple words the Hicks Law supports simplicity in whatever you do. Therefore while designing the site navigation, we it is advisable to keep the choices simple to make it easier for visitors to decide where and how to go. It is advisable to limit the number of options offered to seven or less.
  2. Responsive Design: With the tremendous growth in the use of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets etc. having a responsive web design have become very important. Today most people browse the internet and access websites from their personal mobile devices. If your web design is not responsive, then you may not be able to provide a good browsing experience to these visitors and you may end up losing potential clients and business. Having a responsive web design ensures that the viewers have a good browsing experience regardless of the device they are using. The website should be able to adapt to the specific device, which will help in keeping the prospects engaged on the website.
  3. Appealing Design: The website should be appealing and pleasant to look at. It is important to use colors and images which align with your brand image. The website should not be cluttered; it should have a clean interface, which is pleasing to the eyes. The web design should add elements which have the wow factor.
  4. Original and Informative Content: The content published on the website should be informative and useful to the viewers. The content should be original and written in simple language so that the visitors can get a better understanding and knowledge about your products and services. It is important to shortlist the important keywords from SEO perspective and introduce them in the content.
  5. Call to Action (CTA) buttons: Once you have prospective customers visiting your website, you would want to convert them into a sale. Call-to-action (CTA) button is an important element of web design which will help you direct your customers well and convert them. A well-designed CTA button appeals the viewer to advance to the next step. The buttons should be placed in your web design in such a way that they are a part of the design but stand out and catch the viewer’s attention and urge them to proceed ahead.
  6. Loading Speed: You may have designed the most beautiful website and have published very informative content, but if the loading speed of your website is slow then you will lose your visitors. The loading speed of the page is one of the most important elements of web design. You need to ensure the page loads quickly, so the viewers can access your website and go through it without any hassles. If a page takes too long to load, the viewers will lose interest and exit the page.

Make the right impact and see your business grow with the help of a professional web design

Your business website is one of the most powerful tools to help build a strong online presence for your business. A professional web design will help you make a good first impression on your target audience. If your website is outdated and not responsive, then you may end up missing out on converting important leads. It is important you hire services of a professional web design agency that can help you design a professional and appealing website.

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